I’m responsible…

When it gets down to it all, your relationship with God has NOTHING to do with:

  • who in the church hurt you
  • how you were raised
  • what your former or current pastors do/don’t do
  • what you were taught/not taught
  • anything anyone else does
  • how you feel

Trust me, I’ve gotten these wrong too, but even on the days I feel pretty cruddy, I’m still responsible for everything I do/say/think/etc.

There are SO many resources and teaching out there, that NOBODY has an excuse to not have a vibrant, living, passionate relationship with God. I get so tired of hearing people say “but we aren’t fed!”  When was the last time you had a 4 year old ASK to eat the cookies laid out on the counter? You don’t!  They are hungry, they crave the sweetness of them, and they shove them wholeheartedly in their mouths.

If we were truly hungry for God we would do the same and stop putting the burden to be fed on our churches and ministers.  The church is where WE come to serve.  Not be fed on a silver platter.  It’s a place to be equipped (very often by learning side by side while doing).

(Please note, if you are a new believer, and unfamiliar with the church, the Bible, or don’t even know where to start to pray, then this doesn’t pertain to you! I want you to ask, be fed any way you need… in fact hit me up and I’ll make sure you find a good church, and even buy you resources if necessary to help you on your journey!)

I had a few conversations this week with people who are followers of Christ… but don’t have the time to read the word, don’t have time to pray, don’t have time to be involved.  These aren’t “new” believers.  They have been around as long or longer than I have.

I get it… I had my priorities out of whack. The reality though is this; when I come before God I’m not going to get “credit” for all the cool art stuff I did, or whether I managed to nail a hard chord progression… (or if your a mom or dad, how many little league games I attended, how many dance classes I could afford to send my kids to, or if I have rock hard abs)… in fact some days I refuse (at times to my own detriment) to even pick up my guitar. WHY? Because I will NOT do anything “extra” in my life until I get IN the word, and BEFORE the throne.

Maybe I’m weird. Maybe I’m too “religious”.

So what?

I get this wrong so often… I get my attitude wrong so often, and I say things I shouldn’t and think things I wish I didn’t… which makes me think I need even more to put those two things as the first priority in my life, and any and every extracurricular activity has to come after that. AFTER I serve my family, and AFTER I fulfill my responsibilities.

God-firstBeen studying Leviticus the past few months, and it’s a hard book… God demands we make sure everything is right before Him before we ever do anything else. Why don’t we demand that of ourselves?

Again some days, I know I get this wrong… and I put what I “feel” before what He requires.

So here I am, putting it out in public. I challenge you, and myself… don’t talk to others online before you’ve spoken to God. Better yet, don’t speak at all until HE has spoken to you. (I’ve gotten this wrong in the last 24 hours!)

I’m making it a point to not turn the TV on, not read the morning news, not pick up my books or a guitar until I’ve gotten that right.

When I stand before God and give an account, my pastor won’t be standing there with me.  My friends and family won’t be there.  It’s just me.

I’m responsible. Nobody else.


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