When you’ve been hurt by the church….

Definitely a good one to read.
I asked God to make me ready for what He’s called me to do in the Church.  I just didn’t expect it to look like this…  I know this is a part of my journey, as painful as it is.  I put too much trust in men and not enough in God.  I put what men were telling me God was saying ahead of what I was hearing for myself (and scarily, I was very rarely hearing wrongly).  I was made to doubt my own giftings, callings, and dreams… and only the ones that were beneficial to them and fit in their plans were watered.

But God… He is the author and finisher… and He’s not finished…


Read this:

If you’ve been hurt by the church…

I receive lots of emails from people who love the idea of following Jesus and being a light to their surroundings. But, so many are paralyzed by a common theme: they are deeply wounded from experie…

Source: If you’ve been hurt by the church…


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