I know the plans….

How many of you have had Jeremiah 29:11 either on a plaque, as your signature, or even tattooed on you?  Do you honestly know that verse is not written for YOU?  God isn’t saying this to you.  He said it to Jeremiah.  He was telling this to ISRAEL.

Watch this and then continue reading:


See how we tend to make verses personal to US when they are being taken totally out of context?  This happens constantly in our “seeker-sensitive-it’s-all-about-me” churches.  The churches where people leave wondering if they were fed, and wondering if they felt God in a service.  The same churches where programs keep people so busy they don’t have time to be studying the Word at the depth in which they would learn that so much of what is written in the Bible isn’t about them, but about a nation, or a people… or well… JESUS.

When it comes down to it, we have gotten stupid with our Bible reading.  We are lazy.  We would rather be told what to believe, and what it means than to find out for ourselves.  The problem is not one of the people we depended on to tell us what to believe will stand beside you when you come before God himself.  You will be alone, and you will find out that you were solely responsible.

Yes, get good teaching, but realize that the best teacher can still make a heretical statement.  The most learned professor can still be wrong, and what you believe and the things you base that on are the total of all the things you have ingested (through reading, listening, watching, etc).  Only the true Word of God can sort out what is truth, and what is not.

So I implore you… enough of the teaching series for a while… if you haven’t spent time in the Word on your own.  If you don’t know how to break down scripture, or the historical context of it, you need to spend more time in it.

There are tools that can be used to learn more about how to study the Bible, take it in context, and not think that sayings like “God will never give us more than we can handle” or “God helps those who help themselves” are in the Bible (because they aren’t).

I’ll be sharing a few resources on here in the coming weeks.  I hope it helps, and I hope you spend more time in the Word than in Netflix this week.


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