Prayers for the Church (9/4/2018)

Tell me what you think. Have you left the church in the past few years?

Many inside it’s walls love to label us as “not committed” or “outside of the flock”, but I truly believe Larry has hit the nail on the head here. I’ve found more intelligent and seeking believers outside the walls of the current structure than I ever expected. People seeking for God himself and seeing more than just programs and social clubs…

Larry Who

Christ Church Stellarton

The Church is usually not good at discerning the times and seasons of God. It does know how to recognize the move of the Holy Spirit years after the Spirit has moved upon a group(s), but the Church seldom sees Him in the midst of His movement. The Church’s spiritual eyes are usually blinded by its structure, hierarchy, and programs.

This happened with Azusa Street, the Jesus Movement, Toronto Blessing, Brownsville Revival, and countless other major moves of the Spirit throughout history.

Will it happen again?

For the last fifteen years or so, American churches have watched committed believers walk out their doors and not look back. The churches have assumed most of these believers were back-slidden or a part of the “great falling away.”

But the churches are wrong in their assumptions because it has been the Lord who has led them out of these churches. He is preparing…

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