I guess I should put something “about” me on here huh?

I can tell you this… I am trying to love Jesus more every day.  I’m trying to be what He created me to be… honestly I don’t even know fully what that looks like.  

I used to think I knew… But He’s given me new eyes over the past few years as to why He weeps over His church… The heresy’s taught as “new truth”, when there is ONE Truth. The “movements” that bring people into a concert freak show and leave them feeling better about themselves and never bring up the fact that they are in dire need of repentance and Jesus… It breaks me at a level I’m not sure I’ll ever be accustomed to.

I struggle with Anxiety and Depression due to Hashimoto’s disease and Lyme disease. I’ve had cancer 3 times, and it’s ravaged my body. I’ve found out I’m autistic on top of it all… (Aspergers, which explains why I see things and respond to things the way I always have, and have been horribly abused for it by the school system, society, and mostly the church)… So this is the blog of a broken woman, physically, mentally, spiritually….

Anymore the longer I live, the more apparent my need for Him is, and the more I am grateful He rescued me.  He chased me.  He gave me people in my life that were more stubborn than me and were going to love me whether I liked it or not.  (Sometimes I literally hated that…).  But He always wins.

Jesus is the answer, however the way the church and “Christianity” do things at times is not fully what He had in mind. I’m here to just challenge us to do better. That’s all.

I don’t sugar coat things. I don’t exchange being “nice” for covering the truth. Nice doesn’t matter more than truth.

I’m grateful for what God’s done in my life… and now I just want to give whatever I can of myself to Him.  Sometimes I make that messier than it needs to be.  Sometimes I hold back because I don’t think it’s good enough, and sometimes I am so scared I’ll succeed that I mess things up on purpose.  But He loves me regardless and is happy to take whatever I’ll give Him… He is amazing like that.

So about me… it’s really about Him.  Everything about my life, is merely brushstrokes in the giant canvas that He has created in this world…


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